Do what want, Do when want.


Born:Tokyo. Birthday: 7/3/1989. Age: 35.

After educationed Chuo-University, Found work at company providing shopping site. Aftered retired in 1 year, changed job to company providing service searching traffic route. Experienced planning, designning, developing, operationing, sales, presentation, etc.

At 2017, started as freelance engineer. And at 2019, became president because establishment of a subsidiary of a certain IT company.
Implemented all planning, developing, sales and operation open source software about web database by Laravel.

At 2022/08, retired president. and 2022/09, becase as freerance again.
My dream is 'work with pepple from all over the world.' I wanted to live abroad, but I'd given up it because of sickness. I found Japan is very great country to live in foreign country and I've restarted working Japan again.

I've been studing English. My best score is 660 (FYI: Mock test).

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My History



Born in Tokyo

In 1989, I borned in Tokyo.

When I was a primary school student, I wrote education album as “I want to enroll GOOD university and GOOD company!!!”.
I was very earnest.



Started developing web site because of publishing fanfiction

Because of ending the story I loved a certain game(Megaman EXE 6), I wanna meet a new story, so I started writing fanfiction myself about the game.

To publish the funfiction, I studied how to develop homepage. Wrote HTML, CSS using windows notepad, and publish my site.

2012.04 - 2013.03

2012.04 - 2013.03 

Retired company as a new graduate in 1 year

Joined a certain company that developed shopping site as a new graduate.
Added a function to shopping site, fixed bug, and developed system used by that company’s holdings.

Used a lot of techniques ex. C#, Java.
But, I understood severity of society. Because of a very terrible trouble, I thought “I CAN’T BELONG HERE YET”.

So I retired that company in one year. I had brave and I decided to do very hard work and study.

2013.4 - 2015.3

2013.4 - 2015.3 

Word and Study very hard

I joined a certain company providing searching traffic route system.
Developed a few web sistem. ex. manage software license, bus location system,  request expense system using Officejs.
Especially, Officejs’s product is my first experience that I suggested, designed, developed and released system.

And I also experienced that speak a lot of audience as a technique teacher. This experience and speaking by person is very useful in many ways(Ex. sales, presentaion and private.)

2015.4 - 2017.3

2015.4 - 2017.3 

Tried Non-IT, but failure

I builded a carrer as system engineer, but I thought and I worried above this:
“I’m really OK only IT industry and IT tequnique?”
“It’s really IT industry I want to do?”

And I wished I want to build an other bussiness, so I worked as normal company employee, and I tried other bussiness industry.

For example, MLM, “New education” organization. I experienced the industry that I never knew.
But I made a big mistake. I had a debt.

Finally, I found “I match IT industry”.

2017.4 - 2018.12

2017.4 - 2018.12 

Started as freelance engineer

“My life is only once. So I try to be the product myself, not as company emploee.”
I thought, so I started as freelance engineer.

First workplace is very very bad place, but I worked hard the next.
I worked in Vietnam for three month to manage offshore engineer. My dream come true.

After returning Japan, started developing Open Source We Database system by Laravel.
And published a food festival system and homepage.

2019.1 - 2022.8

2019.1 - 2022.8 

Became president

I became president as a certain IT company that is child company.
This comany privided Open Source Web Database Software’s development, sales, consulting, support.

And developed a lot of system. For example, translation REST API system, Officejs application that translate Office file, searching server’s log system, requesting trade tax’s system.

2022.9 - 2023.12

2022.9 - 2023.12 

Trying for working abload

In 2022/08, I retired as president.

Started as freelance enginner again to achieve my dream:
・Do what I want
・Live what I want
・Work with peaple from all of the world

Initially, I was planning to move abroad at the end of 2022, but I postponed it due to the reality that I had no money, no connections, and no language skills.
Feeling that “challenge and recklessness are two different things,” in order to step up to realistic success, I’m currently preparing for financial and language skills while providing maximum value to clients through work.

2024.01 - 2024.03

2024.01 - 2024.03 

Improving your English by studying abroad, but give up moving abroad...

After about a year of postponement, I am planning to go overseas from January 2024!
First, I decided to study abroad in Cebu, Philippines for 3 months and thoroughly improve my English.

After that, I plan to move overseas in earnest without returning to Japan, and plan to find employment or do business locally.
Continue to take action for your dreams.

But… I give up moving abroad because of sickness.
I often got a sickness when I stayed Cebu.
So I thought I can’t live in foreign country… I decided to live in Japan again.

2024.04 -

2024.04 -  

Restart from Japan!

I give up to go to foreign country, but I exactly hove found that Japan is very great country by “Living in Vietnam and Cebu for a middle time”.
In that time, I restart to work as freelance.

And I have a plan to do businesses with foreign companies using English, which I had studied for three months.


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